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Competitive Ad-Tracking Resource for Advertising Agencies

Arm yourself with insights into the advertising efforts of any brand in print or online.

With monitoring over 2,500 magazines and over 5,000 websites, IMS offers the most comprehensive results. That's more than 5 times any other source.

You can be confident you are supplying your clients with the most complete look at their advertising campaigns and how well it stacks up against their competitors. You will be armed with everything you need, including the electronic tearsheets, in order to answer questions they didn’t even know to ask:

  • Do my competitors have more ad exposure than I do?
  • What markets are the other brands targeting?
  • Is there a magazine or website that my competitors are in that I am not?
  • What is their message? Is mine just as strong?
  • How large are their ads compared to my own?
  • Does my competition get better ad placement than I do?
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On top of being able to supply your client’s with their own competitive insights, you will also have the ability to view the advertising activity for any brand, on the fly. This can be quite powerful indeed, especially when it comes to your next sales pitch.
That’s only the beginning! You are only a phone call away from learning how you can get the most out of AdSpyder, a competitive resource.
Thanks again, wonderful information, and I love this tool! I really do appreciate you working on it with me. You are awesome!

By the way, my boss absolutely LOVES all the information y’all can provide with AdSpyder. She’s been playing with it since the demo.Thanks for having a great product!
Lisa Lea
Allied Electronics